Lake Superior College was the recipient of a Cybersecurity Workforce Education grant from the National Security Agency. For the grant, LSC designed and implemented six business pods to function as individual businesses from different sectors such as transportation, finances, education, government, healthcare and manufacturing. Students will “work” in various businesses to complete normal daily activities for that type of business. Students need to provide resumes and interview to get “hired” by a business. Students will work on business teams to be responsible for running their network, troubleshooting, writing and implementing policies and following typical business regulations. Each business will also need to run their own websites. The student businesses will also be “hacked” eventually by the sophomore students. Students working in the businesses have to provide mitigation plans for recovery from whatever has happened to their business. The entire network has been primarily installed and configured by students.

3CS Conference Presentation For LSC Cybersecurity Workforce Education Project – Cybersecurity in Action by Vickie McLain